The Surga Villa Estate

Take a Peek at The Benefits of Wedding Villa Packages

Wedding reception is one of the most precious moments in life, it’s no wonder that many couples make various efforts to make the best party event. One option is to hold a reception at a Bali villa wedding. A wedding villa such as The Surga which is located in Uluwatu has various advantages, as follows.

The Advantages of The Surga Wedding Venue Villa

1. Clifftop Venue Wedding

The Surga Villa Estate is one of the Bali villa weddings, which is precisely located on the hilltop Peninsula. By choosing The Surga as the place to hold your wedding ceremony, you will get a clifftop wedding venue with a beautiful view. From the top of this hill, you can see the sea view as far as the eye can see.

Beach access with extraordinary luxury is arranged in such a way as to impress the invited guests while providing a complete range of functionalities for the purposes of the event. Plus these precious moments don’t stop only at the event, but you and your family can continue with a vacation at The Surga Villa One.

2. Dedicated Staff Members

Bali The Surga wedding villa has a staff of very dedicated staff. Where they are ready to help your event to keep going well and smoothly. The staff staff will also be led by a professional villa manager, so that all your needs can be properly fulfilled while in place.

Of course, this staff also consists of professional chefs, who are ready to serve catering meals with delicious flavors. The menu is also available in various choices, which you can adjust according to the taste and number of guests. Starting from the typical archipelago menu with Indonesian tongues, to western food is also available here.

3. Double Kitchen

Apart from professional chefs, The Surga Villa Estate also has a double kitchen which can accommodate a sufficient number of catering meals for all guests. So you don’t have to worry about invited guests running out of food, because all the staff are ready to fill the food place with new ones every time the menu decreases a lot.

4. Entertainment Before and After the Event

The advantages of The Surga Villa Estate as a Bali villa wedding do not end there. Because this one place also provides various kinds of entertainment that you can enjoy both before and after the event. With the complete facilities it provides, you and your family who stay at the place will never lose the excitement for a second.

Those are some of the advantages possessed by The Surga Villa Estate. This villa wedding is right on the hilltop of the Peninsula, Uluwatu. Uluwatu itself is indeed famous for having beautiful views around it, no wonder The Surga deserves to be the choice in holding the perfect wedding reception.

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